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This article is inspired from a variety of materials, including, but not limited to:. Just remember this:. For a detailed definition, refer this. Clouds can be categorized into three types:.

How to SSH using Windows

Cloud services can be categorized into three types as well:. There are primarily five steps involved in the sign-up process:.

Go to https: Follow the steps on the screen to create your account. Provide your Contact Credentials. Just fill your contact information in the required fields. Provide your Payment Details. Yes, you have to provide your payment details in order to create an AWS account.

Verify your Identity. After you complete the above steps, you will receive a call from AWS. A pin number will be displayed on your screen and you have to provide this pin to the robotic voice over the phone. Choose your Support Plan. You managed to create an AWS account. It is highly recommended that you set up a billing alarm as advised by AWS: It is crucial that you understand the various processes involved in creating this instance.

EC2 is short for Elastic Compute Cloud. It is a service which provides us with a virtual server called an instance. The architecture of launching an Amazon EC2 instance looks something like this:. Amazon EBS provides the following:. You can either specify the Availability Zone for your instance where it should run , or AWS does that automatically for you.

Cloud Computing AWS #1: Introduction & EC2 Instance Creation (via console)

Your local computer must have an IPv6 address and must be configured to use IPv6. Check the IPv6 IPs field. Locate the private key and verify permissions. Get the fully-qualified path to the location on your computer of the. Verify that the. For more information, see Error: Unprotected Private Key File.

Creating a Key Pair Using Amazon EC2

Get the default user name for the AMI that you used to launch your instance. For a Debian AMI, the user name is admin or root. For a Fedora AMI, the user name is ec2-user or fedora. Otherwise, if ec2-user and root don't work, check with the AMI provider. Ensure that the security group associated with your instance allows incoming SSH traffic from your IP address. The security group created by the launch wizard enables SSH traffic by default.

Use the following procedure to connect to your Linux instance using an SSH client. Optional You can verify the RSA key fingerprint on your running instance by using one of the following commands on your local system not on the instance. This is useful if you've launched your instance from a public AMI from a third party. Ensure that the instance is in the running state, not the pending state.

In a command-line shell, change directories to the location of the private key file that you created when you launched the instance.

How to SSH to EC2 Instance on AWS (for Beginners)

Use the following command to set the permissions of your private key file so that only you can read it. If you do not set these permissions, then you cannot connect to your instance using this key pair.

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Use the ssh command to connect to the instance. You specify the private key. IPv6 only Alternatively, you can connect to the instance using its IPv6 address. Specify the ssh command with the path to the private key. Give the key pair a name and then click the Create button.

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  7. Navigate to the directory that contains your private key file and then enter: The authenticity of host 'ec Permanently added 'ec See you again next time. Read More Posts: Resend Email in Outlook , ,