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Learn about page setup options, fitting print jobs on a page, headers and footers, and other ways to customize print jobs. Would highly recommend! Would recommend to anyone wanting to learn Excel.


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Would highly recommend to anyone looking to discover the powerful tools of Excel. Join our newsletter today for free Microsoft Excel content Subscribe Join , others. Toggle navigation GoSkills. Search for courses or lessons. Get started View pricing. Get certified. Video tutorials are recorded in Microsoft Excel for Mac Auto p p p.

Skill level Beginner. Certificate Yes learn more. Lessons Accredited by CPD. Pre-requisites None. Video duration 4h 14m. Estimated study time 24h 30m for all materials.

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Accreditations and approvals. Getting to Know Excel. The Ribbon Identify the terminology and elements of the Ribbon. Navigation Utilize the keyboard or mouse to select cells and ranges in a spreadsheet. First File Create your first Excel file, enter data and create a table.

Formatting Format cells by selecting fonts and color fills to make information more attractive. Basic Math Utilize basic mathematics including multiplication and division in Excel. Essential Formula Knowledge. Cell Referencing Learn about working with absolute and relative cell referencing, and techniques for copying formulas. Function Anatomy Use to understand the anatomy of Excel functions, and what their components mean. Understanding Time Understand how time works in Excel, and how to change from whole numbers into time increments and back again.

Intermediate Formula Knowledge. Formula Auditing Learn to work with formula auditing tools including tracing precedent and dependent cells and formula evaluation. To access Lynda.

Visit our help center. Excel for Mac. Preview Course. Excel for Mac: Excel for Mac Advanced Formatting Techniques Dennis Taylor. Excel for the Mac: Managing and Analyzing Data Dennis Taylor. Pivot Tables in Depth Curt Frye. Advanced Formulas and Functions Dennis Taylor. Office for Mac: Excel Essential Training Curt Frye.

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Sort By: Learn how to manage workbooks, use core functions and formulas, create charts, and much more. If you are not sure about any of the skills listed, revise the relevant lesson s before moving on to the next session. You will find it very frustrating if you move to a new session before you have truly mastered the skills covered in the previous session. This may demoralize you and make you abandon the course. How to best use the incremental sample files. Many lessons in this course use a sample file that is incrementally improved during each lesson. At the end of each lesson an interim version is always saved.

For example, a sample file called Sales-1 may provide the starting point to a sequence of three lessons.

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After each lesson, interim versions called Sales-2, Sales-3 and Sales-4 are saved by the student. A complete set of sample files including all incremental versions are provided in the sample file set. This provides two important benefits:. If you have difficulty with a lesson it is useful to be able to study the completed workbook at the end of the lesson by opening the finished version of the lesson's workbook. When you have completed the book, you will want to use it as a reference. The sample files allow you to work through any single lesson in isolation, as the workbook's state at the beginning of each lesson is always available.

The time you spend learning Excel is hugely worthwhile. Excel is a huge and daunting application and you'll need to invest some time in learning the skills presented in this course. This will be time well spent as you'll have a hugely marketable skill for life. With 1. If you persevere with this course there is no doubt that you will master Excel. A little time and effort is needed but the skills you'll acquire will be hugely valuable for the rest of your life.

At the end of this course you'll be completely competent with Excel and your Excel skills will be better than most office workers even those with years of Excel experience. Because Excel is almost identical to Excel we will not be recording a new video course for Excel If you prefer to learn from video you will still get great value from our Excel video course as any minor changes are easy to work around.

Click here to download sample files.

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How to use the course. Contact Us. Download the Free e-book. Download the sample files. Configure your mouse and understand right clicking. Start Excel and open a new blank workbook. Check that your Excel version is up to date. Change the Office Theme. Minimize, re-size, move and close the Excel window. Understand Full Screen view. Save a workbook to a local file.

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Understand common file formats. Pin a workbook and understand file organization. View, move, add, rename, delete and navigate worksheet tabs. Use the ribbon. Understand Ribbon components. Understand views. Hide and Show the Formula Bar and ribbon. Enter text and numbers into a worksheet. Create a new workbook and view two workbooks at the same time. Use AutoSum to quickly calculate totals.

Select a range of cells and understand Smart Tags. Enter data into a range and copy data across a range. Select adjacent and non-adjacent rows and columns.

Select non-contiguous cell ranges and view summary information. AutoSelect a range of cells.

Re-size rows and columns. Use AutoSum to sum a non-contiguous range. Use AutoSum to quickly calculate averages. Create your own formulas.