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No need to use Recovery Mode or Terminal. I just needed to restart after replacing the file. But I unzipped that file which is located in another self contained folder…. Instead, you just reloads all the UI elements in the bar. Thanks for explaining this tweek. After reading I noticed that El Capitan no longer has time remaining either. Will this work on El Capitan as well. Tech Tip: Steve Sande How many hours of battery life do I have left? CoconutBattery is an excellent if not ancient tool seriously, we first covered it a decade ago! Installing and using CoconutBattery for checking battery life remaining is probably the easiest and least hassle method of seeing a battery life estimate on a Mac laptop that has had the feature removed with Once you launch CoconutBattery, go to the apps preferences to enable it to load on login and to enable the menu bar item, where you will be able to see battery time remaining.

Activity Monitor Energy section lets you see what apps are using a lot of battery on a Mac, and it also provides an estimate for how much battery life is remaining. Note this feature may be removed in a future software update since Apple removed the battery life estimator from the menu bar, so enjoy it while it lasts if that is the case. This one is a bit more advanced and involves mucking around in the system folder. If you plan ahead of time, you can simply copy the file yourself from the following location:. After updating to MacOS I went with the latter approach, and it works fine.

This tip idea was left in our comments and I can confirm it does work, assuming you have access to the pre There are other ways to check battery life remaining on a Mac as well, feel free to leave your own ideas and utilities in the comments. As usual, how accurate the battery life estimates are depends on many factors.

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Or just follow the battery percent indicator gauge and watch the clock, that would work too. Do you know of another method to track battery time remaining for Mac laptops in new MacOS versions? Share with us in the comments below! Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!

How To See Battery Time Remaining In macOS Sierra

Enter your email address below:. I just did the The percentage indicator will remain, the battery time remaining in hours and minutes is removed. Likewise I did the What a shame Apple. Now I Will perform a copy of the battery folder, on I copied my own and it works great, battery time estimate is the same as it always was.

No idea why Apple removed such a useful feature… but then again Apple is acting weird these days. I tried to use cp commands as you suggested, but I got Operation not permitted. Even with sudo. Do you have any trick how to enable it? When I tried your command line as typed above it did not work. I think your copy command should look like this: I also found the command above created a contents folder and not a Battery.

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Menu directory. So I modified my command line to this: I tried to use your command to replace the file with the battery. It also tells me CPU, Disk and memory useage percentages.

Those are full charge cycles and partial charges are tracked as percentages. This is not trivial as my old MacBook Pro had cycles on it and the time it lasted was a couple of hours at best. Seems like it is a good replacement for the standard indicator https: It was the first one in San Diego and had Chinese characters on the packing slip. Oops—jumping the eager-beaver gun yet again.

I get about 3: I went through the new update and the battery indicator on my MacbookAir is still on the screen. Nothing has changed as several reviews mentioned. The indicator which shows a battery remains, but the battery time indicator is removed, which gave an estimate on how much battery life is remaining in time, noted in hours and minutes.

How to Bring Back “Battery Time Remaining” in macOS High Sierra? | AppleVis

That time function has been removed. Thanks a lot to all Apple Users that are still genuinely good, starting from Paul and this great website!

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Yea everything changed…. I find this much more convenient than having to open the dropdown to view the time remaining. You can also get a battery estimate by issuing a Terminal command. Follow me here: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Tags activity monitor battery battery monitor. You may also like. How-To How to setup a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse 5 days ago. About the author. View All Posts. Chris Follow me here: